CH Kellyglen's Cover Girl


Sire: CH Kellyglen's Dillon O'Ryan
Dam:  CH Kellyglen's Song of Avalon


CH Kellyglenís Cover Girl (Noelle) is my founding bitch and was bred by Suzanne Walker.  Noelle came to live with us at 5 years old and was already a champion when she arrived.  Lucas and Jake were whelped within months of their momís arrival. She lived to be almost 14 years old and was the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever known.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


CH Kellyglen's Dillon O'Ryan "Dillon"


CH Rockherin Shangrila at Last ROM "Luke"

AM/CAN  CH Qualfield Mak'n Business ROM "Addy"
CH Rockherin Classy Chassis
CH Shangrila Sweet Alyssum "Alyssa" CH Rossans Raz-Ma-Taz ROM "Bogie"
CH Rockherin Shana of Shangrila  ROM "Shana"


CH Kellyglens Song of Avalon "Phaedra"
AM/CAN CH Devlin's Northstar "Ollie" CH Meadowlarks Wyndjammer ROM "Rhett"
AM/CAN CH Meadowlark Sunshine Dolly "Dolly"
CH Kellyglens Avalon "Jenny" AM/CAN CH Ballingary Phantom Jet "Chip"
Valley View Erin's Ruby "Ruby"



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